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Marketing's Untapped Resource

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Perhaps marketing’s most notable disservice to society is its failure to identify and utilize this very hopeful fact:

Capitalism is altruistic.

Yes, you read that correctly; allow me to elaborate. If you dig deep enough, you will find that every single company in existence has a heart and a soul (even the big, bad “evil” ones that are without a doubt coming to mind as you read this). And at that heart and soul is a human being with a constructive and ambitious vision:

A desire to dedicate his/her own life’s work to provide, for example, a more delicious soda for others. A determination to bring a better mode of transportation to the world. An uncompromised belief in an innovative ability to improve the lives of complete strangers.

Then why have marketers routinely ignored this truth? After all, Good is stronger than the alternative—this has been proven again and again throughout human history. Nonetheless, companies, whether explicitly or implicitly, fueled by the presence of negativity in commerce, tap into self-doubt, insecurity and fear of insufficiency to drive sales.

The culprit is a long-standing lack of depth in the agency/client dynamic. In reality, Goodness isn’t being ignored, it’s perennially undiscovered. So, we see creative solutions with a surface-level focus—work that is rooted in immediacy, impressions and news rather than experiences, solutions and values.

This is the reason that collaboration is so much more than a buzzword for our agency. In fact, it is the only way to unlock the pure, good “why” inherent to the existence of any business.

Close, for a moment, the behavioral science textbooks and simplify the matter at hand to this: Light conquers Dark.

When we harness the power of commercial altruism, I’m certain we will be impressed with the result.

And the good news is, in the business world, it’s ubiquitous. We only need to be willing and able to do what it takes to uncover it.

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