• Matthew Kaminsky

Why I'm So Optimistic About Starting a Company in a Dying Industry

The advertising industry is dying.

It was somewhere in the early 2010s when this theory began gaining traction.

It grew louder, larger and more powerful as it passed from marketer to

marketer— like a movement. Or a virus.

For years, like many other advertisers, I dismissed the notion enthusiastically.

And yet the progression of my career was unignorably unsettling. This carried

on for the majority of my professional life until a realization did more than

erase the concern. It reversed it entirely.

I had accepted the theory. Advertising was in fact dying. It is dying.

And what a wonderful opportunity. We are in the midst of an entrepreneurial

revolution. There are more innovators, founders and disruptors than ever

before. They have already written the compelling stories we are so desperate

to tell! Worse yet, they’re eager for guidance the industry is preventing itself

from providing. Unnecessary overhead. Intimidating barriers to

communication. Creative that’s protected at all costs, rather than productive

at all costs.

From this beautiful paradox, Strike 2 was born. Built for a new generation of

clients. Powered by collaboration. Existing for one purpose: to grow

businesses. Together.

Yes, advertising is all but dead. Terrific. Let the renaissance begin.

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